Hi! My name is Hillary Simon-Worobec. It's nice to meet you! I am a food photographer and ceramist based in Saskatoon, SK, Canada.
I have always been involved in art in some way whether it's drawing and painting classes, sewing and piano lessons, photography workshops, experimenting in the kitchen, decorating cakes, or growing and arranging flowers. I became a working member of the Saskatoon Potter's Guild in 2017, and took many classes while waiting for my membership. I've attended several photography workshops, courses, and classes which have given me the skills to document my ceramics in a beautiful way. 
Each piece I create is unique - no two are exactly alike. I strive to find a balance between form, function, and beauty in my work. Clean lines with bright pops of colour is my trademark - in both my ceramics and photography. I love creating functional art for homes, offices, or businesses. 
My partner, Justin O'Reilly, is a talented chef who has created so many stunning dishes I have had the privilege to photograph. Photographing his food on my ceramics is the ultimate fusion of our talents.  

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Justin: @cheforeilly
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